Monday, 19 July 2010

I've been away

Yeah, South Africa and so forth.


Europa League qualifiers. Michel says we will take these games as importantly as is deserved, i.e. not very. Even the Copa del Rey is more important to him.

The Liga is by far the biggest challenge. We had a brilliant position this year; next season will be worse, and may well be a battle for survival.

That's because Soldado's away to Valencia, and Pedro Leon has signed for Real Madrid.

In have come Javier "Bloody" Arizmendi from Zaragoza, Borja of Valladolid, Ivan Marcano of Villarreal on loan, and Madrid reserve Pedro Mosquera. Ibrahim Kas and Franck Signorino are back from loan but Signorino in particular won't be here for long, I reckon.

Also heading out are David Cortes and David Belenguer on free transfers, Joffre Guerron for a nominal fee to Atletico Paranaense, and Fabio Celstini back to Lausanne.