Sunday, 22 June 2008

Augusto Fernández Bid Launched

Getafe have put in a bid for Augusto Fernández of River Plate.

The 22-year-old is an attacking midfielder who recently won his first international cap.

He's not the tallest of players but generally works along the ground anyway, and with decent results. In last season's Apertura he played 16 times and scored once; the latter part of the season saw him play a further 14 times. Overall he's managed 3 league goals in 56 appearances.

p.s. It is Muñoz.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

It's Muñoz - We Think

Costacurta etc. have all fallen through, so it looks like the new boss is ex-Recre man Victor Muñoz.

Older readers will remember him as the strong, defensive midfielder who played for the likes of Real Zaragoza and Barcelona as well as *spit* St. Mirren in Scotland.

In terms of management, he hasn't worked since he got the bump from Recre earlier in the season, but prior to that he worked with Panathinaikos, Real Zaragoza, Villarreal, Lleida, Lorgroñés and Mallorca.

No official announcement yet, but the word on the boards is that it's not far away...

... and it's also that many fans don't want it. On the El Botellín board there is a lengthy thread mainly comprising fans who deem his to be a terrible appointment:

Some others seem a bit more pleased with the news, though.

Additionally, both Pablo Hernández and Esteban Granero have left the club for Valencia and Real Madrid, respectively.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Costacurta For Geta?

All kinds of sources are currently saying that Alessandro Costacurta, the former Italy defender, is willing to pack in a coaching job at AC Milan in order to become Getafe's new manager when Laudrup leaves.

This would be an ambitious appointment and one that follows the pattern of employing young guys who are former top-level professionals. In other words, on the surface of it it remains part of the winning formula.

As for whether or not there's any truth in it, though, we'll see.