Saturday, 24 November 2007

Squad for Zaragoza match

In a hurry so C&Ped:

Porteros: 1. Ustari; 13. Pato.

Defensas: 2. Contra; 3. Cata Díaz; 4. Belenguer;
5. Mario; 12. Licht; 21. D. Cortés.

Centrocampistas: 10. De la Red; 11. Sousa;
16. Albín; 20. Pallardó; 22. J. Casquero;
24. Pablo Hernández; 25. Granero.

Delanteros: 14. Manu; 17. Kepa; 18. Uche.

Belenguer and Contra back - that's the big news. Whether they actually start or not remains to be seen.

Zaragoza squad:

César, López Vallejo, Paredes, Óscar, Ayala, Aimar, Sergio García, D'Alessandro, Juanfran, Oliveira, Gabi, Celades, Zapater, Diego Milito, Chus Herrero, Goni y Valero.

That's right: 17 players. They have a bunch of injuries, Matuzalem and Sergio Fernandez being by far the most significant ones. There's still plenty of firepower there, though..

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