Sunday, 15 March 2009

It's Been Almost A Month...

So it's time for an update! (I really need to get back into the swing of this.)

Anyway, suffices to say, this blog now officially endorses the removal of Victor Muñoz from his position as Getafe CF coach. In fact I reached that decision long before today's ten-man loss at Valladolid, but a seventh consecutive game without a win just seals the deal. Relegation is now a genuine concern, and it's time to stop the rot.


  1. pena

    Im assuming this is you Gordy ,if not there are two scottish guys supporting Getafe which is pretty bizzare.

    All the best Jim A

    Forca Espanyol ,wee can beat the drop

    The Jags are going up !!!!

  2. Ehh, this isn't Gordy, this is someone else. You a Thistle fan? I'm a Morton fan when I'm not following Geta... who's this Gordy fellow? So many questions :D

  3. Now this is scary.

    I have a mate believe it or not mad hot St Midden Fan ,no jesting lives in Madrid comes back for Saints games ,he is a Getafe Season ticket holder.

    Im a Director at PTFC also Ive been an Espanyolista for 212 Years and go over regularly to see them

  4. Now this is scary ,Gordy is a St Midden Fan ,lives in Madrid and is a Getafe Season Ticket holder.

    Yes im a Jags Fan Im on the BOD but I also follow Espanyol and have done for 12 years I have a house in Northern Catalunya

  5. That's bizarre, I didn't know there was a Scot with a Geta season ticket. I've been over a couple of times to see them but didn't know about this guy. Small world :)

  6. I saw him in Andorra about three weeks ago we watched the ST Mirren Motherwell replay in Spain ,pretty sad really.

    Anyway I will send him a link to your blog ,excellent to see more guys following the smaller teams in La Liga.

    My name is Jim Alexander ,next time you are coming to the Stadium of dreams ie Firhill get in touch.

  7. I miss Laudrup. And Schuster. Such a struggle now, only hope is that Numancia will go down and we can catch Recreativo. If we do not win next week againt Recre, we will not stay in La Liga. Because after Recreativo, we have the big 5 teams, and 3 are away. If we get through that, and are not in relegation zone, we can stay up. It is Mallorca and Osasuna after that so it can be in our power but we have to get through the troubles.

    Worrying times. :(

  8. Victor vete ya! A true saints legend, as the old saying goes "he needs more time". Well maybe not as even I´m struggling to back him after Sunday´s result. Getafe are missing a Jose "special one". The last 3-4yrs they have had the goal machine Guiza and last season De la Red who one M.Laudrup referred to as the best midfielder in Europe (2 internationalists). Now they lack that bit of quality and need to fight like the other poorer teams e.g. Español. I´m not sure they have enough fight in them to stay up as they are due to play the top 5 in a row in the next few weeks. Back to the motherland. I´m looking forward to the Renfrewshire Derbies next season as Inverness are on the march and relegation could be on the cards for saints, as well as Europe once we beat the Gers for the 2nd time this season in the Cup Semi and then take the Dons in the final. Thistle will stay where they are with the other diddy teams me thinks!

    Talk later


  9. Welcome to the blog, Gordy. Finally we pick up a win, but I'm not sure how much Victor had to do with it ;) On the home front, Falkirk are coming down. But never mind, we'll be up next year, hopefully ;)

  10. Great win last night, played well and deserved it. Created lots of chances, although when Recre scored I thought the heads were going to go down. Being fair to Victor, he took Casquero off for Celestini and then Polanski for Manu and the changes worked well. The only downside was Mallorca, Numancia and Osasuna winning so the gap is the same. Español are down (sorry Jim).

    So why Getafe? (greenock to getafe)

  11. Sorry for the late reply, Gordy. Getafe just grabbed me, basically. I used to half-heartedly follow Barcelona at my brother's request but never got into it. Rather, this team from the Madrid suburbs captured my heart. So here I am :)