Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Getafe 3-1 Valencia

I know it looks like I'm only updating properly when we win, but that's just how my schedule works out. Honestly..

Anyway, after David Villa gave Valencia the lead, Manu del Moral struck back before adding a second before the break. Pedro Leon, in a wonderful performance, hit a superb free-kick to make it 3-1, and thus it ended.

An excellent team performance with no real weak links. Valencia's defensive frailties were exposed and utilised, while the man-marking and closing down play in the second period was superb from our team.

A well-deserved victory that puts us on six points. Having seen this fixture arrangement at the start of the season I'd have looked for six or seven from these fixtures - probably seven, truth be told - but this is nonetheless a good start.

Next: Zaragoza away.


  1. hey mate!!
    i am a supporter of getafe fc since we were in third division (called second b in spain) and now i am very proud that my team is very well knowed away, i want only say to you that you are invited to live one match when you want in our stadium with me and my friends, and finally, i want give you many supports for the labour that you do day per day in this blog, and one last thing, getafe or dead!!
    getafe fc since 1983, the proud of the south of madrid
    many thanks for support our local team!!!!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks very much for your interest! Sorry there haven't been many updates for a while but I'll provide one for the Mallorca match this weekend.

    I have been to the Coliseum twice - for the match against Bayern Munich, and the 3-0 win over Osasuna at the end of last season. I will probably be over again sometime soon.

    I started following Geta in December 2006 and I am now addicted to the club. If you followed since 2B that means you saw the games at Las Margaritas? I don't know too much about the old days, except that Getafe CF is a continuation of the old Club Getafe Deportivo.