Saturday, 16 October 2010

Jornada 7: Atlético Madrid 2-0 Getafe

1-0 Codina (og) 37'
2-0 Diego Costa 72'

Not too unpredictable a result at the Calderón as Atleti easily dispatched of a poor Getafe side 2-0. Geta took nothing from the game, which is about what they deserved.

Interestingly Michel went off on one after the game, stating that the team did not appear to be of Primera standard. Far be it from me to suggest that he's working his ticket or anything, but... well, yeah, that's what I'm suggesting. Any coach would be annoyed at losing his two best players over the summer but in every interview he gives he bends over backwards to slam Getafe. Between him and president Torres one wonders if there's anyone behind the scenes at the Coliseum who actually wants to be there.

Anyway, here's the match highlights:

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