Friday, 19 August 2011

Dani Güiza, Zombies & Strikes

Welcome home, Dani: Joining the array of summer transfers is Dani Güiza, returning to the Coliseum for his second spell at the club. The Spain international and ex-Pichichi has yet to be officially announced by the club, but his former team Fenerbahçe have stated that a deal is all but done. This is for most Geta fans by far the most exciting transfer of the summer.

Zombies. Hot zombies: Apparently some fan groups are upset by the latest TV spot advertising Getafe season tickets for the new season:

OK, you can see where the controversy arises, but personally I found this to be quite a funny campaign.

Strikes: Getafe's season opener against Racing Santander is set to be the victim of an upcoming players' strike. Club president Ángel Torres has apparently spoken out against both parties involved in the dispute, but his words have yet to hit the Spanish papers.

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  1. would really like to know who is behind their ad campaign, a couple years ago it was cartoons, giant monsters and midgets hatching from eggs, this year its suicidal koalas and sperm donation

    Who is the Spanish Don Draper