Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Valencia 3 - 1 Getafe

A dreadful start eventually saw Getafe lose out despite a spirited second-half recovery. For all that late effort, Getafe just couldn't do enough.

Mata opened the scoring after just four minutes with a great header after Silva's cross, and then former Geta man Alexis did much the same, although both Tena and Ustari could have done more.

Granero gave Geta a glimpse of hope on half-time after converting a stonewall penalty, and while Villa was denied one of his own just after the break, it eventually didn't matter after Morientes headed home the third and final goal from close range after Osky could only parry Baraja's long-range free kick.

Celestini was then given a straight red for a late challenge on Silva right at the death to end what has been a wholly unsatisfying evening for Getafe fans.

Regardless of the damp squib that was the final, it has been a miraculous season to reach both a second successive cup final and the UEFA Cup quarters - and it's not over yet. Hopefully by Sunday we'll be safe and sound in the Liga, and we can try it all again.



  1. I said it last year and I'll say it again...I don't know if we'll ever get another opportunity like this again. Because of this, the game saddened me more than against Bayern. The UEFA Cup was just devastating, losing cruely, but in this match we were just beaten fairly. Nothing much more to be said, we were just beaten.

    So in the space of a week, a great season turns into a very anti-climactic last six games. Right now I feel like crap.

  2. Very well said, and I share your sentiments. As you say, the worst part is that this could be an all-time high for Geta. However... there's always the hope that it might not be.

  3. I was thinking and an interesting situation came out of the final. Consider this:

    Last year, Schuster made the brave move to start Pulido ahead of Alexis in the Final.
    This year, Laudrup made the brave move to start Tena ahead of Belenguer.

    Last year, Pulido was at fault for a horrible error leading to Kanoute's goal.
    This year, Tena was at defensive fault for what would be the match-winning goal from none other than ALEXIS.

    (A Little Bit tongue-in-cheek) but now we know what would have happened had Alexis played last year.
    Which poses a new question. What would have happened if Belenguer had of played this year?