Thursday, 31 July 2008

Olympiacos vs Getafe - Live



Line-up: Pato; Contra, Cata, Mario, Licht; Cotelo (Guerrón 27), Granero, Celestini, Gavilán; Manu, Uche

So far: 1-0 Olympiacos after 43 minutes through former Real Sociedad hero Darko Kovacevic, who scored at a poorly-defended corner. Pato was slightly indecisive; Licht should have cleared the ball at the post; wheover was marking Darko (I didn't see who) failed to deal with their man. Not encouraging.

Full Time Update: It finished 1-0 to Olympiacos. A very poor performance from Getafe, for whom Albín and the youths were the only real stand-outs. Worryingly, Guerrón was awful, as was Contra.


  1. Not encouraging you're right - I only saw the goal and it could have been avoided in about three ways.

    Unfortunate that Guerron was bad, I really want him to do well. Especially after 0-0 with Nurnberg, we need to score some goals, but hopefully that is solved with Soldado.

  2. You're luck that you didn't sit through the whole sorry match ;) It was poor, poor stuff, and you're spot on about the goal (and Guerrón, at that: I know he's capable of better.)

    I recall goals being a problem at the start of last season as well. Soldado was about the best we could have hoped for: he's a number 9 and with the correct support he'll find the back of the net. It'll be interesting to see who he lines up with. I'm a big fan of Uche but perhaps it'll be Manu or even Albín that starts up front with him.