Monday, 18 August 2008

Squad Numbers Announced

The squad numbers for the new season have been announced, suggesting that the squad is closed. Notice that Manuel Tena, Luis Garcia, Pablo Redondo and Nacho - all out on loan - have not been assigned numbers. Furthermore there is not a third 'keeper named in the squad, meaning that Osky's absence must be covered by Getafe B stoppers such as Sancho or Galán.

Soldado will wear the number 9 as planned, while veteran skipper Mario Cotelo dons the number 7 jersey.

1. Ustari
2. Contra
3. Cata Díaz
4. Belenguer
5. Mario
6. Celestini
7. Mario Cotelo
8. Gavilán
9. Soldado
10. Albín
11. Sousa
12. Licht
13. Pato
14. Manu
15. Rafa
16. Guerrón
17. Kepa
18. Uche
19. Signorino
20. Polanski
21. D. Cortés
22. J. Casquero
23. Adrián
24. Ibrahim
25. Granero


  1. Well the season is almost here, and I must say the off-season was good in terms of recruitment and results weren't too shabby.

    There is a definite depth in the squad, which leads me to ponder what our possible best lineup will be. It's hard to tell because Victor has used so much rotations throughout pre-season. I actually thought the same thing last year but naturally the stand out players developed and those who weren't up to it faded. Anyway here's what I think:


    Just miss out:

    Nowhere near:
    Mario Cotelo

    What I find troubling is how to fit Albin and Granero in the team. Albin is obviously a gun but I really hope Uche and Soldado can form a good partnership. Gavilan I hope can become good on the left again and hopefully Victor tries to fit Albin in there so they can fight for that position. Guerron by all accounts has been quite bad in pre-season but hopefully improves. Granero said he wants to play in the centre so perhaps he'll fight with Polanski? Licht apparently has been terrible in pre-season but with Signorino injured he unfortunately has a reserve on LB. Unless Kas can play there.

    Anyway that's my little analysis. Looking forward to a good season.

  2. I'd agree with 80% of that team, but I don't think that Gavilán is good enough, sadly, so it's either Albín or Granero on the left for me. Also remember that Ustari is injured long-term :(

  3. Well I'm thinking that we really need someone to step up on the left, Granero wants to play in the centre (he's more effective there anyway), so I was hoping Gavilan could do the job there. Adrian's maybe a bit young - though he could be good, I don't know. I also wouldn't mind moulding Albin into that position so he doesn't take game time away from the strikers. So that was basically my thinking behind that.

  4. Yeah, it would be good to let a talent like Granero play his natural position in the centre, so I'll go for Albín. I think he's good enough to play on the left and, as you say, we can mould him well.

    I can't wait for the season to start :)