Sunday, 17 August 2008

Tercera Opposition - Harder Than They Should Have Been

Villarrobledo, a town that sounds made up, celebrated their 50th anniverssary with a match against Getafe at the Campo Municipal de Fútbol "Nuestra Señora La Virgen de la Caridad" (try fitting that in a chant.)

A small, historic town located way, way, way out in the wilds of Albacete, CP Villarrobledo are actually no strangers to Getafe, given that Getafe B play in the same Tercera División group as them.

Nonetheless the first team were a different proposition altogether, and they gave Getafe a tough game. In the end a solitary goal from Ike Uche was the only difference between the sides in front of 2,000 eager fans.

Line-ups nicked from the Geta official site:

Ortíz; Zapata; Seco; Neyra; Cano; P. Domínguez; Dorado; Antonio; J. Blas; Futre y Mario. También jugaron: Borgoñón; DIego; Pepelu; Benítez; Iras; Rubio; Raúl Martínez; Melero; José Luis.

Pato; Contra; Belenguer; Ibrahim; Rafa; Guerrón; Celestini; Sousa; Adrián; Uche y Soldado. También jugaron: Gonzalo; Cortés; Cata Díaz; Mario; Licht; Mario Cotelo; Casquero; Polanski; Gavilán; Albín; Manu; Kepa y Juanfran.

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