Monday, 15 December 2008

Victory Redux

Since last we met - and I really do need to do something about this - it's been quite a run for El Geta.

First came the stunning 3-1 win over a beleaguered Real Madrid side:

Followed by a three-goal lead at Villarreal that, while followed up by our conceding three, still produced a credible draw:

And then last night was the 4-1 victory over Mallorca (video forthcoming.)

All told Geta are now 9th with four games to go until the halfway point, and one until the winter break.

The outstanding games before the halfway point are:

Osasuna (A)
Deportivo (H)
Numancia (A)
Racing (H)

With absolutely no disrespect to the teams involved this is a decent enough "run-in", and having taken five points from a possible nine against three of the biggest teams, and then thumped Mallorca, we have every reason to be confident.

Down in the Tercera with the B team, things aren't quite so good, yet Getafe B remain six points clear of the dropzone despite the heavy defeat to Alcobendas at the weekend.



  1. Destroyed Mallorca on the weekend! Contra with a class penalty and Uche with a very good chip. Gavilan got another goal, he's on fire at the moment. Seems like Valencia should have kept him instead of Pablo hehe. I'm as optimistic as you are of victories from the forthcoming games, I think only Racing can give us a hard time. Knowing Muñoz, he'll probably play 1 upfront against Deportivo and we'll lose. Bring on Osasuna!

  2. Welcome, Ferrarese! Yes, I saw the highlights on TV and tracked it live on during - it was a convincing win.

    Speaking of Muñoz, I reckon he gets a bit of a raw deal, but there's a rumour going around that Schuster's coming back. I know which one I'd pick...