Thursday, 8 January 2009

Defeat Redux

As if getting thrashed by Osasuna wasn't enough, a Sergio penalty late on gave Deportivo a 2-1 win over Team Win at the weekend at the Coliseum.

Nonetheless a positive result against Numancia on Sunday will see us end the first half of the season in the top half, which is fine.


  1. Thrashed against Osasuna, loss against Depor, didn't get a sniff at Numancia...what an awful run off the back of the big teams. Thought we had an outside chance of getting a Euro spot, so much for that. We've collapsed defensively again and Muñoz seems unable to rectify this. We will lose to Racing about 0-5 at this rate. Almost unthinkable a few weeks ago. Anyway, hopefully we can sort out Ustari, cause he's a young keeper and I think he's got good potential, he's better than Boruc that's for sure! I don't even want to think about the amount of silly goals we will concede with him in goal coupled with Muñoz' defensive tactics! And 9 million euros? We shouldn't waste that much money on someone so average, let alone a goalkeeper! Anyway, here's being hopeful we can start to actually defend well again!

    PS...Hope you had a good new year!

  2. I've just put up a video of Pato's "foul". I also hope Ustari's injury (and, allegedly, attitude) can be fixed as he's shown his worth for Argentina, even if he's largely disappointed for us. Also I reckon the Boruc story is a load of rubbish. I certainly wouldn't say no to him arriving at the club but 9m is a LOT of money that could be better used elsewhere. Hope you had a good new year too - I did :)