Sunday, 28 June 2009

Transfer Outs, And An In

Eugen Polanski has gone on loan to Mainz back in his native Germany, while Miguel Pallardo is back at Levante on yet another loan deal.

Both of these moves are great for all parties. Polanski isn't good enough for Getafe and Pallardo seems to be well settled back home in Valencia.

We're also losing Jacobo back to Valladolid and Stojkovic back to Sporting Lisbon, but, er, today comes the 'great' news of the arrival of Jordi Codina from Real Madrid.

I have never been impressed by Codina on the few occasions that I've seen him, and for those calling up the Diego Lopez comparisons, let's remember that Lopez left Madrid for something like €6m. Codina comes to Getafe for free.

Hopefully he'll be second choice to Osky...

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