Saturday, 11 July 2009

Could It Be Pedro Leon!?

Other than the (excellent) signing of Mané and the (less excellent) arriving of Jordi Codina, the only real arrival this summer has been former Xerez winger Pedro Rios, who will play the right flank spot soon to be departed by Joffre Guerrón, who's flouncing back off to South America where his square head and ludicrously cocksure demeanour will presumably be treated with slightly more respect than he enjoyed here.

So, a new right-winger's in. But imagine my overjoyed surprise when I read that we were linked with another one - and a brilliant one at that. It's Valladolid's Pedro León, an unapologetic wing-based goalscorer who's still only 22. Having impresed with both Levante and now Valladolid in the top flight, he would be an absolute class signing for us. According to Torres he's eager to move but it's far from certain that he will. Here's hoping.

With him, a central midfielder, and a new centre back, I really think we would be mid-table next season rather than scrambling around the bottom. Already with Mané we're stronger than we were: let's keep it going.

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