Saturday, 18 July 2009

El Rey Runs The Show

Yes, it's the obligatory post about Getafe's Burger King sponsor!

The new kit is the first I know of to have advertising on the inside. Now, say what you like about the crass commercialisation of football, and the emblazoning of a US multinational on the kit of a proud Madrid side, but tell me with a straight face that this isn't absolutely awesome:

Here's the 'boring' shot of the exterior:

The away kit is red, while the third kit is white - a change from last year's stylish black-and-yellow number.

People have been asking where you can buy the Getafe Burger King top: my best answer is to keep badgering the club. They barely have a web store presence - if we show them that there is the demand they'll need to relent sooner or later :) But if I find an online store shipping to the UK (or anywhere else for that matter) I'll post it here.

That brings me to another point: not since the Bayern game has there been such interest in the club among English-speakers. Long may it continue - let's get more Getafe fans in Scotland and around the world! ;)

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