Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Getafe "Team Dubai" closer to fruition - Angel Torres expected to sell to Arab consortium

Worrying and exciting times lie ahead for Getafe fans. According to Reuters, it seems that the sale of the club to the Royal Emirates Group is set to go ahead, although what this means for Geta's name and tradition is very much uncertain.

The REG announced earlier in the week the acquisition of a Spanish club for around €90m - an extraordinary sum, if it applies to Getafe - and the desire to re-brand it to "Team Dubai."

Club president Angel Torres and captain Manu del Moral are in Dubai and will be present at the formal announcement on Thursday.

Meanwhile fans look on with growing concern at what could happen to the symbols of their club and city, mixed with a smaller measure of excitement at the prospect of investment.


  1. A ver que pasa con todo esto, esto es algo inesperado para todos.
    Me gusta el blog, os enlazo en el mio, un saludo desde

  2. Read the interview on the Swedish football site, it was a fascinating read! Being a Zaragoza fan, I sadly can't wish you too much luck, but I very much hope that the team isn't renamed Team Dubai!

    Perhaps in that sense, it might still be considered a good thing should the team be relegated (and 'scare off' investors).

    As for the blog as a whole, I must say you're doing a great job, you seem like a natural at writing!

  3. y gracias por el enlace del reportaje, es buenisimo, un dia lo pondre en mi blog.

  4. @JoelZar: Thanks very much - I do hope to be a natural ;)

    @getafehistorico: Muchos gracias. Voy a publicar un enlace a su blog aquí en el mío en el sección Getafe CF Links.

  5. gracias,un abrazo y haber que nos dicen hoy los arabes XD

  6. getafe team dubai serously ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!