Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Getafe Team Dubai? No clarity around Middle Eastern investment

Angel Torres is in Dubai, flanked by Getafe captain Manu del Moral. The club president is seeking investment - at least, that's what he says. Per Marca:

"I haven't sold the club to anyone. I'm working as other clubs do - Atlético Madrid, Hércules...

"[We're in Dubai] only to find solutions for next season... I've come with the idea of meeting to gain sponsors to improve the image of Getafe and get a new name for the stadium."

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Royal Emirates Group Kaiser Rafiq of the Royal Emirates Group tells AP that his company had purchased a Spanish football team. AP later cites Rafiq as saying that jerseys, stadium and other merchandise would be branded with Team Dubai - but not the club's name itself.

Earlier it was thought that Real Zaragoza were the club to be bought out. Now it's less clear. Have Getafe been bought? Have they been invested in?

Above all, is this real?

Apparently all will be revealed on Thursday... but for now it's worth noting that the logo above was only last modified this morning, that the domain name was only registered today, April 19th, and that it's hosted by Bluehost, based out of Utah, USA, as opposed to a hosting company in Spain or the Middle East. Not that this is anywhere near conclusive, of course.

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