Sunday, 28 October 2007

Racing Santander 2 - 0 Getafe

A brief update for this one - I've been out of town for most of the weekend in order to attend a pagan festival centring on the worship of the statue of Desperate Dan in Dundee - to inform the readership of what they already probably know: Geta lost at El Sardinero.

Not for the first time, either; indeed, our Azulones have something of a habit of losing in Cantabria, and today was no different.

As Marca somewhat dramatically put it, "Eurogeta can't stand the Liga," and that does seem to be the case as Geta struggled to do anything with their embarassingly vast percentage of ball possession.

I've yet to see highlights of the game, so whether the problem really lies in the invention, I don't know, but from reading Marca's text commentary, I'd have to ask whether or not Uche really fits Laudrup's style of play, as he does seem to pass up a few chances each game, be they half chances or otherwise.

There's no point in crying over spilt Guiza but it remains to be seen where the weaknesses in the squad really lie - and let's face it, they are weaknesses. A 2-1 win over a beleaguered Spurs side who really should have at least equalised can't paper over the cracks.

Still, it's important to keep perspective. Despite flailing around in the relegation zone with five points, there are small signs of improvement, and Cata Diaz has proved quite a find to replace Alexis.

But to be in this position come December would be disastrous. The improvement needs to start anew, right now, in time for Wednesday's visit from Athletic. The Bilbao side drew 0-0 at home to Betis in the 'Nytol Invitational' on Sunday; without getting too cocky, this is a team that we should beat.

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