Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Squad For Spurs Trip

The official club website has had the squad details for the UEFA Cup match at Tottenham Hotspur up for over a day now, but I was too lazy to put it up here until this point.

Here it is, anyway:

Goalkeepers: 1. Ustari; 13. Pato.

Defenders: 3. Cata Díaz; 4. Belenguer; 12. Licht; 19. Signorino; 21. D. Cortés.

Midfielders : 7. Mario Cotelo; 10. De la Red; 11. Sousa; 15. Nacho; 16. Albín; 22. J. Casquero; 25. Granero; 26. Juanfran.

Attackers: 9. Braulio; 14. Manu; 17. Kepa.

As usual, Laudrup's put together a midfield-heavy squad; then again, the actual playing squad simply is midfield-heavy.

Cosmin Contra's still out at the back, but the big news is that Franck Signorino's finally made it into the pool. I don't know if he'll displace Licht at left-back or not, but it's good to have an option there.

Celestini's been left out, but both Granero and de la Red are in the squad, while Albin could potentially play up front at a push.

But, above all, there is no Uche. He's hardly been prolific so far this season but that's a very notable omission; true enough, two of the other strikers are young guys, but do they really have the burst of pace that Ikechukwu has?

Assuming we're not pinned back into our own half by an ill-timed Spurs revival, we'll find out tomorrow night.

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