Saturday, 20 October 2007

Squad For Murcia Match

Geta have announced the squad for tomorrow's home game against Real Murcia:

Goalkeepers: 1. Ustari; 13. Pato.

Defenders: 3. Cata; 4. Belenguer; 12. Licht; 21. D. Cortés; 23. Tena.

Midfielders: 6. Celestini; 7. Mario Cotelo; 10. De la Red;
11. Sousa; 15. Nacho; 20. Pallardó; 22. J. Casquero; 24. Granero.

Attackers: 9. Braulio; 14. Manu; 17. Kepa; 18. Uche.

No real surprises there; it's great to have Cata Diaz back and Cortes is at least a natural right back, if not a great one, so the defence looks a bit better now.

But there's still no Contra and no Signorino, and no Pablito Hernandez on the right hand side of midfield. Injuries can't be blamed for all Getafe's problems but the lack of fullback support to the attack can't be helping, so the sooner Contra returns and Signorino makes his debut (to see if he's better than Licht), the better.

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