Saturday, 20 October 2007

Squad Unrest, Or Podiatry?

The likes of Marca report that the squad had a private meeting in the dressing room prior to the Friday training session, leaving coach Michael Laudrup waiting alone on the training pitch for almost an hour.

As one user of put it, the Dane was left tapping his feet "with a face like sour milk" as the first team players discussed a way out of their current predicament, emerging late for training only after their business was complete.

The Madrid media, needless to say, pounced on the story, prompting a club official to respond.

The official party line is that training was delayed by the visit of a podiatrist to the camp.

Quite why the manager would be forced to wait outside while his squad's little piggies were checked for irregularities wasn't made clear but, in any case, a couple of first team players have seemingly already said that there was no anti-Laudrup content in their rendezvous.

Be that as it may, from this fan's perspective, it's still not a good sign...

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