Friday, 14 March 2008

Bayern Munich - Getafe

Getafe have been drawn against FC Bayern München in the quarter-final of the UEFA Cup. That's perhaps the toughest of all draws.

Meanwhile, Geta welcome Racing on Sunday in the Liga, before travelling to Santander to play them yet again in the second leg of the Copa del Rey midweek.

It's non-stop.


  1. Hello! I'm Hugh, aka hughgeta, from Australia.

    I just discovered your blog but have long been noticing you on forums like

    I think it's excellent of you to create this site, and have long dreamt of creating a real 'International Peña' myself.

    I thought I was the only fan of Getafe in my country, but I've heard that there are apparently more! Perhaps hte same is the case in Scotland.

    Anyway, I think it's great we are playing Bayern, no better way to test how far we've come than up against the favourites.

    Eurogeta goes on!

  2. Hi Hugh - good to hear from you.

    An international peña would be a great idea but truth be told I'm having trouble getting this one off the ground. It's not that nobody's interested - I know a handful of other Geta fans here - but that I've tried emailing both the peña supervisor guy, and then Getafe CF itself, only to receive no response. So it's a bit of a struggle ;)

    Bayern is a tough draw but we've already come through as underdogs against Benfica so I don't think this is by any means beyond Eurogeta!

  3. Hi hughgeta, the Geta is making me believe in everything, even Australian people supports Getafe.
    If you both, Hugh and Peña Getafense Escocia, or people you know need something I can do here in Getafe (merchandasing, pics, videos...) please don't hesitate in asking it for me. I'll be pleased of doing it.
    As I told, Bayern was the last team I wanted in the draw, but actually I feel upbeat because Bayern isn't better than Real or Barça, and this season we've beaten both. If we score at the Allianz Arena, we'll have options to go through to the semi-finals.
    Más que nunca, AUPA GETA!!!

    P.D: Sorry for my english, maybe I can improve it posting here, :)