Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Through To The Last Eight

Juan Angel Albin proved too much for Benfica, who spurned one fine chance early on against Getafe and were then largely on the back foot.

In short, a 1-0 home win over the Portuguese side sees Geta through to the quarter-finals of the UEFA Cup 3-1 on aggregate.

The Azulones also thrashed Murcia at the weekend - as such, coach Michael Laudrup is very much a man in demand.

Tonight, though, he'll just be celebrating. What a fine win.

Update: A video of Albin's goal:


  1. I can't tell with words what I lived yesterday. Last fifteen minutes of the match with the azulones players exhausted by the effor and all the supporters singing with the roofs spreaded carrying Getafe to the quarter-finals. It's impossible to describe what people who has supported this team since it was playing in ground courts is feeling right now.
    I'm glad that Rangers have passed to the next round. We'll wait for tomorrow draw and I hope we play with them, for you to see Getafe in Glasgow and for me, because I think they are the weakest team in the quarters.


  2. It must have been incredible, especially for the fans who have been around for so long. (I only started watching Geta just over a year ago, around Feb 2007, but I've read a lot of the history.) And on the TV broadcast I watched, the atmosphere sounds great.

    Rangers are the weakest team on paper, I agree, but oddly they raise their game against the better sides. Some of the other teams might underestimate Getafe - Rangers would not, and they'd play ten men behind the ball at all times, which could make it tough. So, I don't know what to think. :)


  3. Don't worry about the time since you follow Getafe, now it's time to enjoy the play and the vistories all together. And all the azulones feel very proud of you and everyone who feels identified with this team, thought you're not from Getafe. That's what make us greater!

    In order of preference: Rangers, Sporting, Bayer Leverkusen, PSV, Zenit, Fiorentina, Bayer Munich.

  4. Well, it's good to be a part of it!

    Not long to go now until the draw, too...