Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Copa: Racing 1 - 1 Getafe

Getafe are set for their second Copa del Rey final in two seasons after a 4-2 aggregate win over Racing.

Pedro Munitis opened the scoring early on for the Cantabrians, but after Oscar Serrano's sending-off, the Azulones fought back.

However, Marca claims that their goal was fraught with controversy. Uche signalled for his teammates to hit the ball out due to an injury to Ezequiel Garay - who actually had to be substituted after the incident - but Albin either did not see his colleague's order or instead ignored it. Thus he strode forward and played the ball to Casquero, who duly netted in fine fashion.

Regardless of the odd circumstance, that was a vital goal - and it looks like another trip to the final for Getafe fans! (But I doubt we've heard the last of tonight's events...)



  1. After passing a nervous day, now I feel glad and calm. The second consecutive cup final, guau.
    This time, you have to come Madrid and watch the final at Calderon or Bernabeu Stadium. This time we'll bring it back home!!


  2. Aupa geta!!

    I've seen the goal briefly and for mine it stands. Good work of Casquero to take advantage of this blight on the game (players faking injury to stop the match).

    Great result though, I cannot believe we are in another final! Last year I didn't know if we'd ever return, just to relive the build up to the match, the build up of anticipation, will be great.

    You will travel to Madrid again? Apparently the final will be in the Calderon this year.


  3. That's the thing - was the injury fake? Garay had to be subbed after, so I'm not so sure.

    And yes, it's tremendous to be in another final in any case. Like you, I didn't think this would ever happen again, which is why I made a point of going last year.

    I'll talk to my boss and see if I can get the time off work for the final - which I doubt will be a problem - and if so then I'm definitely going ;) I just have to get a ticket this time...