Thursday, 6 March 2008

Benfica 1 - 2 Getafe

What better way to make up for the disappointment of the 3-3 weekend draw than with a colossal away win at one of Europe's most famous arenas? (Albeit a mostly empty one.)

Oscar Cardozo's hilarious ninth-minute sending-off helped Geta immeasurably, but there was little denying the quality of play on offer at times.

First, Ruben de la Red had a shot from the edge of the area deflected past Quim (fnarr) by Edcarlos.

Midway through the second half, Pablo Hernandez hit a trundler from the edge of the box with sufficient accuracy to sneak in at the far post.

Osky was at fault as Benfica pulled one back; he was partially unsighted, but still should have dealt with Pedro Mantorras' long-range effort.

It's a superb result, and it no doubt has many believing that Geta can make it to the next round. Also encouraging was the input of Braulio, who had a fine first half overall, although he faded a bit later on.

Good times, basically.

And here are the highlights:


  1. It's so great to hear from Getafe's supporters in Scotland! It's incredible what this team is doing, I can't even believe it. Tonight's match has been very electrifying and if we'd got more talented forwards we'd be invencibles.
    Greetings from Getafe, very good blog, congratulations!


  2. Hi Vasallo, thanks a lot for your comment. Maybe if Uche wasn't out of action there would be more goals, but I share your excitement anyway. There are a couple of Getafe fans in Scotland - I hope there'll be more soon. Vamos Geta!

  3. Could you imagine seeing Getafe playing the UEFA Cup final in Manchester? Uffff...

  4. I really, really hope so. I still haven't been to a Getafe game at a stadium - I came to Madrid for the Copa del Rey final last year but couldn't get a ticket, so I watched on the big screen in Getafe at the Plaza Constitucion/Ayuntamiento (and I had a great time - very friendly fans, even though I barely speak Castellano!) To be able to go to Manchester to see Geta would be incredible.

    Of course, if Rangers and Getafe both make it to the next round, I can see Getafe at Rangers' Ibrox stadium, which I live very near to ;)